Harnessing RIBOnucleic acid - Small molecules Structures

Complex 1ibk

System information

Experimental technique X-ray
Experimental resolution 3.31
System mass 788.83 kDa
Deposition year 2001
Molecule type RNA/Protein
# RNA entities 2
Organism Thermus
RCSB PDB Entry 1ibk
Reference Ogle James M., Brodersen Ditlev E., Clemons William M., Tarry Michael J., Carter Andrew P., Ramakrishnan V.. . Recognition of Cognate Transfer RNA by the 30 S Ribosomal Subunit Science

Compound PAR
Residue . / 1545
Chain W / A
Non-redundant False
Interacting RNA chains A/A
Volume 86.78 Å3
Hydrophobicity 0.423
Hydrophilicity 0.750
Buriedness 0.558
Don/acc character 0.840
SiteScore 0.663
D Score 0.647