Harnessing RIBOnucleic acid - Small molecules Structures


HARIBOSS is a curated database of RNA-small molecules structures retrieved from the PDB. HARIBOSS is regularly updated with all the structures resolved by X-ray, NMR, and cryo-EM, in which ligands with drug-like properties interact with RNA molecules. Each HARIBOSS entry is annotated with physico-chemical properties of ligands and RNA pockets. HARIBOSS provides researchers with a tool to aid the development of rational design strategies to target RNA with small molecules.

Latest paper : HARIBOSS: a curated database of RNA-small molecules structures to aid rational drug design

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Francesco Paolo Panei

Francesco Paolo Panei is a PhD student at Institut Pasteur (Paris, France) and Sanofi (Chilly-Mazarin, France) since 2021. Francesco has a background in theoretical physics and he is interested in applying its methods to tackle relevant biological problems, especially related to therapeutic applications.

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Evi Gkeka

Evi Gkeka is an applied mathematician and computational chemist with more than 15 years of research experience in molecular modeling. She has been member of the computer-aided drug design group at Sanofi R&D since 2016. Her work is focused on the development and application of computational methods that can revolutionize drug discovery.

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Max Bonomi

Max Bonomi is a CNRS researcher and group leader at Institut Pasteur (Paris, France). His research group is focused on the development and application of integrative computational/experimental approaches to study structural and dynamic properties of biological systems. More info can be found here.

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