Harnessing RIBOnucleic acid – Small molecules Structures

Complex 1f1t

System information

Experimental technique X-ray
Experimental resolution 2.80
System mass 13.76
Deposition year 2000
Molecule type RNA
# RNA entities 1
Organism []
RCSB PDB Entry 1f1t
Reference Baugh Christopher, Grate Dilârâ, Wilson Charles. . 2.8 Å crystal structure of the malachite green aptamer 1 1Edited by J. A. Doudna Journal of Molecular Biology

Pocket ROS_.:J/101:A

Compound ROS
Non-redundant True
Interacting RNA chains A/A
Volume 393.42
Hydrophobicity 1.330
Hydrophilicity 0.944
Buriedness 0.705
Don/acc character 0.979
SiteScore 1.024
D Score 1.055