Harnessing RIBOnucleic acid - Small molecules Structures

Complex 7n2c

System information

Experimental technique Electron Microscopy
Experimental resolution 2.72
System mass 2363.63 kDa
Deposition year 2021
Molecule type RNA/Protein
# RNA entities 5
Organism Escherichia
RCSB PDB Entry 7n2c
Reference Rundlet Emily J., Holm Mikael, Schacherl Magdalena, Natchiar S. Kundhavai, Altman Roger B., Spahn Christian M. T., Myasnikov Alexander G., Blanchard Scott C.. . Structural basis of early translocation events on the ribosome Nature

Compound ATP
Residue . / 3002
Chain DD / 23
Non-redundant False
Interacting RNA chains W/23
Volume 159.84 Å3
Hydrophobicity 0.371
Hydrophilicity 1.095
Buriedness 0.661
Don/acc character 0.660
SiteScore 0.860
D Score 0.832