Harnessing RIBOnucleic acid - Small molecules Structures

Complex 3muv

System information

Experimental technique X-ray
Experimental resolution 3.20
System mass 41.95 kDa
Deposition year 2010
Molecule type RNA/Protein
# RNA entities 1
Organism Vibrio
RCSB PDB Entry 3muv
Reference Smith Kathryn D., Lipchock Sarah V., Livingston Alison L., Shanahan Carly A., Strobel Scott A.. . Structural and Biochemical Determinants of Ligand Binding by the c-di-GMP Riboswitch, Biochemistry

Compound 2BA
Residue . / 358
Chain C / R
Non-redundant True
Interacting RNA chains B/R
Volume 323.11 Å3
Hydrophobicity 0.687
Hydrophilicity 0.939
Buriedness 0.710
Don/acc character 0.510
SiteScore 1.028
D Score 1.060