Harnessing RIBOnucleic acid – Small molecules Structures

Complex 1lvj

System information

Experimental technique Solution NMR
Experimental resolution N/A
System mass 10.28
Deposition year 2002
Molecule type RNA
# RNA entities 1
Organism Lentivirus
RCSB PDB Entry 1lvj
Reference Du Zhihua, Lind Kenneth E, James Thomas L. . Structure of TAR RNA Complexed with a Tat-TAR Interaction Nanomolar Inhibitor that Was Identified by Computational Screening Chemistry & Biology

Pocket PMZ_.:B/47:A

Compound PMZ
Non-redundant True
Interacting RNA chains A/A
Volume 96.73
Hydrophobicity 0.791
Hydrophilicity 0.744
Buriedness 0.610
Don/acc character 1.435
SiteScore 0.762
D Score 0.761